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Make It Australian


With Conservative Governments and Foreign combines once again pushing for Australian quotas to be removed from local TV it's probably an appropriate time to note that this struggle has been going on for more than fifty years and the local content we do have on TV has been hard fought for over those years.  

During the research for our award winning intelligence series PERSONS OF INTEREST we came across the film below in the Australian Intelligence & Security Organisation (ASIO) film vault.  It's a protest march organised by member of Actors Equity in 1956 to protest the lack of quotas for Australian content on TV and the consequent swamping of the airwaves with American product.  ASIO's interest in this was triggered by the fact that the Communist Party of Australia supported quotas for local content and in the illogical logic of the spymasters these actors were therefore a front for the Communist plot they never actually exposed.  This didn't stop ASIO from opening files on Actors Equity, Leonard Teale and a number of others featured in this film.  Sounds absurd all these years later but it's a sober warning that if you don't stand up for local production it can easily be smashed by those with no vested interest in it. Check #makeitaustralian


You can pick up the boxed set of PERSON OF INTEREST here


Coinciding with the release of the feature doco on film critic David Stratton here's an ASIO surveillance photo of David on his way to the Russian Embassy.  ASIO decided
that those interested in screening films from China or Russia had to be fellow travellers with the Communist Party.  This still is taken from our award winning series PERSONS OF INTEREST.  Note what a dapper figure David cuts.  He always took pride in his appearance.




Our legendary Sydney street pic GOING DOWN has been invited to screen at VIVID Sydney 2017 in June.  The festival is creating a pop up cinema in the Kings Cross Hotel at the top of William St.  It's screening on June 2nd @ 8pm.  Should be interesting with much of the film shot within a stones throw of the venue.More details to follow.


                                                                                                       Jackie played by Julie Barry and Ned (Mercia Deane-Johns) talk business
                                                                                                  with a sleazy business man played by barrister about town Charkes Waterstreet.


gotcd  final slick

January 2017

To coincide with the current Australian tour by Nick Cave and his band The Bad Seeds we've cut the price on his extraordinary film debut, GHOSTS OF THE CIVIL DEAD.  His never to be forgotten role as the psychotic Maynard in Director John Hillcoat's confronting prison pic was the beginning of a long and productive association between the two.  The DVDs we have for sale are all that remains of the original release on DVD.  We authored the discs and bought these for our own use.  These are the only quality copies available - the rest of counterfeits and pirate copies. We have limited copies and once these are gone the producer has indicated there will be no more made.  There is no plan to stream this classic of Australian cinema.  Order your copy here.