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Persons Of Interest - Progress

Friday May 18th, 2012

We're nearly there on our ASIO intelligence series - Persons Of Interest.  Picture editing on three of the four episodes is now completye and there's about a week's work left to do on the fourth.  Music is well underway with one episode complete and the second due late next week.  Sound editing begins in a fortnight.  So even though it's been a long journey the end is now in sight. Hopes are high that our viewers will like it but you can never tell until an uninvolved audience see it.  

John Coooper Clarke in "Ten Years In An Open Necked Shirt"

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Smart St. is pleased to announce the re-release of poet John Cooper Clarke's wonderful performance film - Ten Years In An Open Necked Shirt.  For anyone who thinks poetry is boring this is the perfect antidote as John powers his way through his catalogue of punchy social commentary, humour and machine gun paced poems.  The film provides a fascinating look into his philosophy and background and an insight into the punk rock scene where John has provided back up to bands such as the stranglers, The Clash and Joy Division. 

A great poet and raconteur, John Cooper Clarke's poems are a precursor to Hip Hop and a real connection to young people and the world in which they live.  We first saw the film at the London film festival where we picked it up and are now making it available on DVD for the first time. For more information check our catalogue page





Greg Ham

Sad news about the death of Men At Work flute and sax player Greg Ham. He was a gentle creative and funny man who played the role of Marvo the magician in our film Pandemonium and also wrote a lovely duet sung by David Argue and Amanda Dole. Sadly missed.

The Best Rugby Films Ever Made


Over the years we've made a couple of great documentaries with the Australian Rugby team, the Wallabies.  The Running Game and The African Campaign feature some of the greatest players ever to represent Australia. Now we've made them available on DVD.  Touring for 3 months, living on ten pounds a day, 30 blokes gave up their day jobs to represent their country.  It was a time before players were brands and spoke in sound bites, these films represent the true spirit of the game. 

The Running Game follows the Ella brothers, Mark Loane, John Hipwell, Michael O'Connor, Simon Poidevin  and the legendary Stan Pilecki on a tour of the U.K. through the worst winter of the century.

The African Campaign features Nick Farr-Jones, David Campese, Tim Horan and Jason Little, and the young John Eales on the first sanctioned tour to South Africa.


These films are not highlights packages or greatest tries videos; they are stand alone documentary films.  Meet the Wallabies and go on tour.  These films are as close to being selected as you can get.  Spectacular sports coverage mixed with the personal stories of these great teams. 

"All sporting documentaries should be this good"..Sydney Morning Herald

We've got a freshly made batch of DVDs of our two great Rugby films for sale now by credit card or cheque/money order.  If after seeing the films you don't think they're worth $10 we'll refund the cost of the disc.

Here's a clip from our film "THE RUNNING GAME" which sums it up

Bread Of Heaven